The Homeschool Project Podcast

Bonus Episode: Home Ed Series Wrap-Up

October 27, 2021 Nathan and Anita Season 2
The Homeschool Project Podcast
Bonus Episode: Home Ed Series Wrap-Up
Show Notes

Hello and welcome back to the campfire! Well, that's a wrap! We have officially completed our Home Education Series and it turned out better than I had hoped. On today's episode I do a quick run through of the different topics and guests we had on for the series for the past 4 months! We hope that if you have not already, you go back and take a listen to this wonderful series. Moving forward, we will jump back into the heart and soul of this podcast by speaking with those who are redesigning their family lifestyle with their children's education at the heart of it. So stay tuned for some amazing future guests we have already begun to interview.

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