The Homeschool Project Podcast

Special Bonus: Debunking Homeschool Fears

October 20, 2021 Nathan and Anita Season 2
The Homeschool Project Podcast
Special Bonus: Debunking Homeschool Fears
Show Notes

Hello and welcome back to the campfire! Today we have two certified teachers joining us for the conversation, both of which are my sisters. Emily is a homeschool mom to 3 young boys with several years of experience, teaching at the Elementary level.  And Paulette is mom to two and currently still teaches at the upper grade levels and has been for the past 15 years.

This is an episode from last year but we felt the topic is encouraging as well as one that is important. It stems from the common doubts we have in homeschooling our children. What if I fail my child? Can I do this? Am I qualified? Aren't the schools more equipped to educate my child? We have assumptions when it comes to many of these questions that aren't always true.

So grab a seat by the fire as we travel to Florida to debunk some of these doubts and fears!

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